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As one of the world’s leading specialized consulting firms, Cambridge Advisors values and appreciates each and every member of its team and supports their professional and personal aspirations as individuals.  As a consultancy, we place heavy emphasis on work-life balance and nurturing the passions of each of our team members.   The great people who work for Cambridge Advisors enable us to serve our clients.  If you share a passion for any of our exciting practice areas, please consider joining the Cambridge Advisors team as a full-time, part-time or adjunct member.

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Equal Opportunity Employer

Cambridge Advisors is an equal opportunity employer; we believe in pluralism and consider appreciation for diversity of thought, race, religion, beliefs, national origin, ethnicity, gender, wealth, education and age as fundamental to the success of building human relationships and to foster a sense of ownership among all contributors to form strong communities of practice that consider diversity a strategic advantage.

We believe in maintaining a healthy, safe, and secure work environment as our first priority to preserve the health and safety of workers and visitors.  Our firm is a meritocracy engaged in the continual pursuit of excellence to achieve superior results.  We believe there is a global competition for top talent and that in order to attract, retain, develop and deploy human capital, we must invest in people, realizing that quality is expensive.  We maintain an open door policy and flat organizational structure to facilitate the flow of ideas.


The Cambridge Advisors extranet provides current employees, associates, partners and clients the ability to login to collaborate on project work.  If you require login credentials, please speak directly with the Cambridge Advisors consultant who has overall responsibility for your engagement.

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