Cambridge Advisors offers private and public sector actors, both organizations and individuals alike, strategic advisory services to help them succeed.  All of our client engagements adhere to the highest professional standards with respect to maintaining privacy, confidentiality and proprietary information.  We offer a range of services and compose our client engagement teams to serve the unique requirements of each client.

Public Sector

Our strategic advisory services have been utilized to formulate public policy on the basis of empirical data utilizing system dynamics modeling, to reform public administration through micro policy and capacity building, and to implement strategic public sector initiatives.  Many of our clients demand original ideas and thinking, while others require the intermediation of a third party for due diligence and other aspects of risk taking.  Our comprehensive services include the development of original marketing and communications materials, such as speeches, articles and press releases, authored by superior writers and thought leaders to publicize client activities and to maximize the public benefit.

Private Sector

For the private sector, Cambridge Advisors offers a wide variety of services encompassed by practice areas in Strategy, Human Resources, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Investment Management, and Policy & Research.

Non-Government Organizations

Non-government organizations represent the coming together of a society to serve their collective interests or neglected interests.  As catalysts, NGOs have tremendous power to change the status quo, yet they often suffer from innumerable challenges beyond their capacity and capability to address.  Cambridge Advisors has worked with NGOs  around the world to help them and their sponsors organize to address their unique challenges.  Cambridge Advisors has been instrumental in authoring the strategic plans and business plans of a number of NGOs, and has supported the implementation of those plans through hands on support, resource development, and long term advisory services.


Cambridge Advisors believes in a customer service orientation characterized by integrity, commitment, responsiveness and service excellence.  Our team embraces a natural bias for action as a means to catalyze the dynamics that lead to a greater impact with time and to achieve our clients’ highest aspirations.  We pride ourselves in retaining unbounded thinking to remain adaptive, productive and globally competitive.  We strive to utilize the maximum client contribution and to utilize every opportunity to build our clients’ capabilities whenever outside expertise is required.  We believe in the importance of identifying and measuring intangibles, such as culture, perceptions, and attitudes, in measuring overall progress.

Cambridge Advisors firmly believes in the supremacy of the law, in respecting intellectual property, and in general practices of confidentiality and privacy as necessary to creating a professional environment conducive to success.  We also firmly believe in protecting the environment as fundamental to protecting humanity.

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