Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Innovation Policy and Administration

Cambridge Advisors provides macro and micro policy development to support the emergence of innovation in an economy, community or organization.  Our innovation policy experience provides our clients with the ability to successfully influence stakeholders utilizing original research, empirical evidence and the predictive powers of system dynamics.

Innovation System Development

The development of innovation systems represents a holistic and hierarchical process that starts with defining the scope and objectives of the sponsor.  It represents a series of macro and micro policies across service providers to bring about the successful dynamics that will provide novelty, utility and value.  Innovation system development can be on a national, regional, local or enterprise scale.  The activation of the innovation system dynamics can be the result of policies, management, and social interactions.  Catalyzing these dynamics and providing the appropriate policies, procedures, tools and training to support the sustainability of an innovation system is critical.  Cambridge Advisors has extensive experience architecting innovation systems on a national and regional scale, and on local campuses as well as among industry consortia.

Intellectual Property Commercialization

Developing a successful organizational model for intellectual property ownership, licensing and commercialization is essential to realizing the full potential of your human resources.  Intellectual property management is a multidisciplinary function that organizations need to get right to maximize their return on investment in human capital and research and development.  Cambridge Advisors offers its industry leading experts from the top technology licensing offices and attorneys in the world to help establish, train and support our clients intellectual property commercialization needs.

Business Incubation

Business incubators are in the corporate hospitality industry, providing infrastructure, services and turn-key office space for young companies so that they can focus on their core business.  Furthermore, through mentorship, access to capital, and business networks, these new enterprises have a greater chance of succeeding by avoiding common mistakes.  A specialized type of business incubator known as an accelerator has the potential to create high growth companies through specialized mentorship and training programs.  Cambridge Advisors has an established track record in supporting the successful development of business incubators and building other aspects of a new venture support system.  We provide a complete business incubator turn-key solution rooted in best practices targeting a wide variety of industries.

Entrepreneurship Development

Cambridge Advisors offers entrepreneurship development programs, and startup bootcamps, for entrepreneurs and those supporting entrepreneurship.  We work with entrepreneurship centers, academic institutions and other sponsors to design and deliver custom programs tailored to entrepreneurs in different countries and cities.  We provide all of our entrepreneurship development program alumni with access to a global network of cohorts to support their entrepreneurial ventures.

Access to Finance

Cambridge Advisors is part of the fabric of innovative communities that include angel networks and venture capitalists across continents.  We also have relationships with donor agencies, development banks and NGOs focused on supporting new enterprise creation and growth.  We offer clients expert assistance to prepare for and to access these resources to raise capital.

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