Investment Management

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Cambridge Advisors offers its expert services to established venture capital and private equity firms and funds in formation that are seeking superior risk adjusted returns.  We provide advisory services to support the entire life cycle of fund formation and management, including:  investment thesis development and validation, organizational design and fund economics, fundraising support, fund manager identification, portfolio management, board advisory, research and deal sourcing and due diligence.  We provide advisory services for institutional investors, funds, family offices, government agencies, corporations, and fund managers.

Fund Formation

Fund formation and management consists of a holistic, hierarchical process that if conducted properly will align your organization to realize its investment objectives.  Investing is fundamentally about maximizing rewards while minimizing risks.  Building a proper investment fund structure, determining a winning investment thesis, and defining and refining your investment profile are key steps to structuring a fund that performs to expectations.  This completed process allows you to build a qualified management team, and extended team, that can execute on the specifics of your fund and investment thesis to realize your investment aims.

Deal Sourcing

The extensive Cambridge Advisors  network of global innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, project sponsors, and industry insiders gives us proprietary access to a rich vein of high quality deal flow.  For investors who want first access to exciting investment opportunities, Cambridge Advisors provides its clients with a pipeline of investment ready deals across stages, sectors and geographies, from early stage technology deals to very large infrastructure projects.

Investment Due Diligence

The burden of execution always remains and therefore a disciplined investment process must govern the entire investment lifecycle and be complemented by a rigorous comparative due diligence process.  Cambridge Advisors assists its clients by supporting their due diligence capabilities with our own, drawing upon seasoned professionals and domain experts to evaluate systematically the risks and rewards of potential investments.  The final due diligence book provided to the client is a composite of at least eight separate areas of due diligence to provide a full picture of the investment opportunity.


As experienced investors, our private equity team can assist with valuations and ensure that investors are not exposed to the risk of overpaying, over-capitalizing, or under-capitalizing an investment.

Strategy and Board Advisory

Each investment decision is predicated on achieving a series of critical milestones that will continually increase the value of the investment and achieve success.  Once the investment is made, investor money is now being managed by the executive team of the recipient portfolio company.  Any misuse of funds could lead to capital inefficiency, lowering profit potential and potentially a loss scenario.  To avoid these circumstances, many investors rely on Cambridge Advisors to place one of our senior executives in board positions within their portfolio companies or to act as non-executive directors of the Board.  Investors also find it helpful to secure Cambridge Advisors to develop winning strategies for their portfolio companies to maximize returns and minimize risks.

Market and Business Development

Cambridge Advisors provides market, channel and business development services to companies worldwide, especially those interested in entering new, unfamiliar and emerging markets.  Our extensive network supported by our research and business intelligence associates offer corporations of all sizes the ability to enter new markets and grow their businesses, while avoiding risks and costly mistakes.

Project Development and Client Advisory

Cambridge Advisors works with sponsors to develop their projects, ranging from the establishment of an offshore operation, to representing a new investment opportunity, to creating a new venture.  We can provide complete turnkey services from strategy development, business plans, resource development and marketing.

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