Cambridge Advisors is an international strategic advisory firm providing strategy and management consulting services to global clientele across the public, private and non-profit sectors to achieve their objectives.

Global Strategies for Developing Economies

Cambridge Advisors provides governments, development authorities and regions with effective, context appropriate strategies for sustainable socio-economic development.  Integrating successfully into the global supply chain offers tremendous wealth creating potential for economies.  At the same time, the mobility of industry is a tremendous threat to job security since companies constantly in search of lower costs of production and lower wages can abandon one economy in favor of another.   Cambridge Advisors helps our clients take advantage of globalization while countering its inevitable consequences through the development of sustainable competitive strategies to support socio-economic development.

Corporate and Entrepreneurial Strategy

Strategic planning is a holistic and hierarchical process that can take precious time from daily operations.  Yet, corporations and enterprises of all sizes require effective strategy to compete and collaborate in an increasingly globalized world.  Cambridge Advisors provides management teams with comprehensive analysis and strategy formulation to identify winning strategies based upon the collective experience of Fortune 500 companies, successful startups, and international operations.

Best Practices for Higher Education Management

Societies worldwide share a common desire to advance themselves through higher education, yet continued investments in higher education alone are not always realized in socioeconomic returns.  Cambridge Advisors has developed best practices in higher education management based upon years of experience garnered at world leading academic institutions.  These best practices can be applied at the macro and micro policy levels, offering an entire educational system or individual academic or research institution superior sustainable results to achieve education maximization.

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