Economic Development in Honduras through Special Economic Zones

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Model Cities Honduras

Special Economic Zones in Honduras known as Model Cities for their autonomous governance

Cambridge Advisors conducted a study identifying high potential industries for a proposed special economic zone in the Republic of Honduras for U.S. private investors exploring the potential of new legislation. Under a constitutional amendment that provides for the creation of Zones for Employment and Economic Development (ZEDE), formerly known as Regions for Economic Development (RED), Honduras is permitting the establishment of special economic zones each with their own policies and governance under limited autonomy within a sovereign Honduras. The special economic zones are also known as “model cities” which are intended to accelerate investment, employment and economic development outcomes. The objective of the client engagement was to determine how to catalyze the economy of a proposed free zone and to develop a strategy for the phased development of the zone with maximum financial liquidity.

Over a period of several months, Cambridge Advisors carried out intensive research and field work to identify high potential industries and the requisite supply chains and market access needed to leverage the available resources of Honduras to compete effectively in a global economy. In addition to identifying high potential industries, Cambridge Advisors also developed a business model for “model cities” that would make them highly profitable despite the tremendous investment in infrastructure and services required to establish and operate a model city. Effectively, the study provides a model for private sector government where the private sector is offering “government as a service.”

The study proposed “A City of the Future for a Society of the Future” that suited the unique aspects of the special economic zone and the changing dynamics of a society built on innovative and participatory governance.

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