High Growth Strategy for Developing Countries

Comments Off on High Growth Strategy for Developing Countries 08 December 2015

HighGrowthCambridge Advisors was hired by a global development agency to develop a high growth strategy for a country that is the recipient of international donor aid. The goal of the development program is to increase national competitiveness and attract foreign direct investment to the country by nearly USD $1 billion over a 5 year period with an accompanying goal to create 40,000+ new jobs.

The client has a strong interest in developing specific sectors, such as Information and Communication Technologies, Renewable Energy and Clean Technologies, Health Technologies, Materials, and Creative Industries. The prevailing dynamics are one in which there is a weak venture capital industry, a low trust society, and small country dynamics which require very specific strategies to overcome.

Cambridge Advisors developed a high-growth formula for the country,  including initiatives and interventions to increase the capacity for new enterprise creation, achieve high-growth, and address the country’s unique obstacles to growth. The results of the engagement are offering the client country the ability to reach its ambitious milestones to attract foreign direct investment and create jobs through greater innovation, entrepreneurship and high-growth.

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