Educate to Innovate: Building the Knowledge Economy in the Middle East

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Innovation through Education: Building the Knowledge Economy of the Middle East

Educate to Innovate

“National and global political discourse is increasingly making mention of the importance of developing ‘knowledge economies’, and placing the production of knowledge societies at the forefront of national development policy. Such development aims are being embraced by governments across the Arab world, and the Middle East as a region is seeking to embrace new ways of developing capacity through education. In this report, the fourth in a series of Global Education Research Reports published by the AIFS Foundation and the Institute of International Education (IIE), scholars from a wide range of institutions and organizations set out to describe and understand current innovations, trends, and issues faced in the Middle East as a region, as they take the steps toward educational reform and development. Through broad thematic discussions, examples of current trends and practices, and national case studies, this report offers a contemporary and erudite examination of current innovative practices in the Middle East.”

The third chapter of this new publication, authored by Cambridge Advisors Managing Partner Robert Ayan, examines the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

About the Global Education Research Reports

The Global Education Research Reports series is a joint effort of IIE and the AIFS Foundation to explore the most pressing and under-researched issues affecting international education policy today. The series will include five reports over three years with original research from IIE, as well as contributions by other experts in the field of international education, with funding from the AIFS Foundation.

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